Crafty uses for scraps of fabric

I love every bit of the fabric I own, particularly the stuff LaidOutInLavender sent me, so I am loath to throw any of it away, even if it is only a scrap a few inches across. Inspired by the fabulous blog, How About Orange I made fabric covered bulldog clips, which I am finding as functional as they are pretty. Very useful for getting piles of fabric and paper off my floor and neatly pinned to a wall.

Orange bulldog clip
Navy bull dog clip
Close up navy bulldog clip
I also made a very useful pin cushion arm/wrist band (idea stolen from Project Runway) out of a thin scrap of fabric, some felt, a vintage button, and some stuffing.
Pin cushion wrist band

3 thoughts on “Crafty uses for scraps of fabric

  1. [this is good] Wrist Pincushion!!! Brilliant! even though you got the idea off of one of my favorite shows! I am totally doing that with all of my clips now! 

  2. Thanks! I love that show too.
    It’s so easy, just cut the fabric to size, put lots of glue on the clip, stick it on, trim if needed and put another coat of glue on top which should dry clear and protect the fabric.

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