I bought a Lomolito in NY and I've got got the prints back. These are my favourite ten. I took all of them apart from 'My field of yellow' which was taken by my youngest brother.



17 thoughts on “Lomographic

  1. [this is good] These are great shots! Thanks for posting this! Now I know what to buy my brother-in-law for graduation — a bunch of these awesome disposable cameras. I was thinking of buying the four pack with the four different coloured flashes. Any advice? What did you use for these shots?

  2. Thanks!
    I used a green lomolito, but I didn't remember to use the green flash much. I think a bunch of different coloured ones would be really fun. They are marketed as reusable but they are actually (apparently) quite easy to reload; instructions on how to reload them comes with the camera. I don't know if the film it comes with is special or anything, so I'm just going to reload it with some standard 24 exposure colour film see what happens. 🙂

  3. [this is good] Oh my gosh that camera is really rad~ (of course the photographer has got some great perspective as well)Where might I be able to find these? Like at just any photo or camera shop in the States? Or do I have to get them from a specialty store.

  4. I bought then in the Guggenheim store, and I’ve never seen them anywhere else, so I wouldn’t know. Sorry not to have been more help! And thanks!

  5. [this is good] so cool!!!! i like the pictures a lot..i’m even thinking about getting a lomolito myself now..(will post pics if i do..)

  6. [this is good] I love these. I was considering buying one a few weeks ago to try out, especially since polaroids aren’t being made anymore (grrr).I love the pink bike!

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