The beginings of a menagerie

Making these was so much fun. I used my illustration sketchbook for inspiration so a couple of these are circus themed. I pretty much made these as I went along, which meant a fair few unpicked stitches but I think I got it right in the end. I've used a mixture of LaidOutInLavender's beautiful vintage fabrics and my own fabrics (mostly felt and cut up t-shirts).



I love these fabrics and I love the name Niamh (pronouce Neev). Niamh is particularly soft and cuddly and she dances with joy.

I started Oscar before I got the vintage fabric, so he's made out of an old t-shirt of my brother's. He has wire inside his arms and legs so they are posable.


The fabric on Rosie's ear is just about my favourite frabric of the lot and I only had a tiny square it, which is why Rosie is so tiny. Her lovely ears have wire in them so they are posable.



was made from peppermint fabric so looks like he's in his pyjammas.


And lats but not least, Sydney the waving bear.


20 thoughts on “The beginings of a menagerie

  1. [c’est top] These are too cute—you should totally start an Etsy shop or something!  Now I feel inspired to sew my own 🙂

  2. [this is good] These are really cute! So creative! Do you sell these? They’d be adorable in a baby’s nursery or a small child’s room.

  3. [this is good] *squee* These are just too much fun!   How utterly adorable! I love how each one has a name and a personality.

  4. [this is good] Oh Snugglemuffin! I cannot begin to tell you how happy this post has made me! Look at the Joy you have created! I LOVE them and look forward to seeing more! You really should sell them on Etsy, they will do well. ;-) 

  5. I’m so glad you like them! I probably will sell some eventually, but these are actually going to be in my univeristy interview portfolio. 🙂

  6. [this is good] These are SO great, SM.  I couldn’t help chuckling as I watched your menagerie members scamper about.  Thank you so much for sharing them.
    PS:  Once you are done your schooling, you should consider a mail-order business.  I would definitely send some requests your way.

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