Fresh from my moleskine

Which, as it turns out isn't pronouced like it's made of dead blind insectivorous mammals.  

 For some reason I want to make little monsters out of old clothes. Actually if any one is feeling very generous and/or bored and wants to send some old clothes my way that would be hugely appricated. Send me a message and we can work something out.


In other news I got a lovely mention on someone's blog. Thanks Kerry!


8 thoughts on “Fresh from my moleskine

  1. [this is good] These are LOVELY! So are the monsters fabric or photos of the fabric?I have fabric that I pick up at yard sales. I am beginning a de-cluttering project. Getting rid of some stuff.

  2. Thank you! They’re photos of fabric (thank you Boden catalogue). Really? ‘Cause I was thinking if someone sent me some fabric I’d make at least two little creatures, one for me and one for them.  

  3. When I have a little bit of cash (hopefully in the next week or so) I’ll send you some things out of my closet. I’d love if my castoffs could become something really pretty!

  4. Seriously? That would be so awesome! I’ll send you back something cool.
    My tutor actually really liked Rumpus the sock monkey and my cuddly monster designs, so Rumpus and any cuddly monsters I make will be coming to my university interview with me.

  5. WOW! That’s so great! I’ve got a box I can send everything in and I’ll get it to you as quickly as I can.

  6. I love patterned cotton (a small detailed pattern is best) and I find nice soft jersey fabrics make for good cuddly animals (I currently turning an old work shirt in a long eared hare and it’s so lovely and cuddly), but really anything would be great. 🙂

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