pretty things

I got a £10 gift voucher for my birthday from Beka, which I have now spent on This Is For You by Rob Ryan and a very pretty new sketchbook.


I am very happy with my purchases to the point where I want to hug them. This Is For You is such a beautiful and inspiring book.

This Is for You
Rob Ryan


Then Fern convinced me to treat myself and spend half my ema bonus on this little yellow silk dress. I love this dress ridiculously, so I'm very glad she did. It's the sort dress that I can see myself keeping for years and years until it's truely vintage and giving to my own daughter one day. 


6 thoughts on “pretty things

  1. [this is good] The dress is Adorable!!! I LOve it!The book, I absolutely love it! I have never heard of it before, I think I need it!

  2. Thank you! I love it too. And being me I have already spilt some kind of sauce on it so it’s currently at the dry cleaners.
    You should get it! It is such a wonderful book. It’s beautiful and touching and inspirational all at the same time.

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