The easiest upcycling project ever

Yes, I said 'upcycling'. It is a word. And this is so easy.

Start with a clean tin and an A4 piece of card (thin paper won't really work as well).


Wrap the card snuggly around the tin and mark were it meets, leaving an inch of overlap.


Mark the height of the tin on the card and then cut the resulting rectangle as neatly as you can. Test that it fits the tin neatly (it should sit inbetween the metal bands on the top and bottom) and trim if you need to.


Paint, draw, collage, splatter or scribble to your heart's desire. I think stripes of different coloured paper would look good, or if you've used patterned paper you don't need to decorate it at all (though it's fun too). I've just done a simple line drawing with some brown ink.

Here there should be a picture of me attaching the card to the tin, but taking a picture using your chin isn't that easy. Anyway, put a strip of double sided sticky tape, a line of glue dots or some pva glue along one of the ends of the rectangle. Double sided sticky tape or glue dots work best because there's no waiting for it to dry. Wrap the card firmly around the tin and stick the overlappy bit to the other bit of card. Presuming you are nothing like me and haven't stuck the paper on upside down and are now peeling it off, you can put a pen in your completed pot and admire your handiwork.


For some reason today I keep adding 'e's to words, so please excuse me if I start talking about tines.


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