All in red


This is an etching I did in my print making workshop. This is actually printed on cotton not paper but I really like how it's turned out. I coloured it with watered down red acrylic paint which also worked pretty well. If I ever learn to quilt I think this would make a lovely patch. I love etching, unfortunatly I get covered in ink. It's ridiculous. No one in my class was nearly as filthy as me. I think it's because I'm always brushing stray hairs off my face that with inky fingers that it gets so covered.


10 thoughts on “All in red

  1. [this is good] I Love Her! I used to have a favorite tree in the woods, I would climb up there and read my latest nancy drew book, or just cry. It was MY place. the only place in the whole world where I could just be me. Oh, I miss my tree. someones house now sits there, but I can be me everywhere now. : )

  2. [this is good] I love that. She kinda echoes how I feel right now. 🙂 Because I guess moody=sitting in a tree looking pensive.

  3. I loved Printmaking class sure it was messy but fun with all the different things you could do! great work on your picture

  4. Thanks! I have actually got a few spare, if you’d like one. Would you want one on paper or cotton? Oh, and I’ve got another print that sort of goes with it which I can upload or email to you.

  5. I plan to frame for my bathroom (it’s a vintage bathroom in red toile).  Can you private message me your suggestion for that and the price?

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