Made with socks, felt and awesomeness

I made my brother sock monkey and he has named him Rumpus. I think that’s a brilliant name for a monkey, since it means a commotion or ruckus. This is our very first sock monkey and I think he turned out rather well; what he lacks in craftsmanship (my sewing really isn’t great) he makes up for in character. I did all the sewing and Phillip helped me turn things inside out and stuff things. This is the wonderful tutorial I used, and I just adapted the recipe a little.





17 thoughts on “Made with socks, felt and awesomeness

  1. [this is good] Good colours! I’ve always liked seeing turquoise/light blue with orange… and the navy grounds them nicely.

  2. [this is good] Rumpas is the absolute PERFECT name for him! It suits him well. I love the colors you used, SO Cute!

  3. I think I have
    been at the hospital one to many times when the first photo of you holding the
    sock monkey I thought he had on the hat and mask like doctors wear for surgery
    at first then I looked at the other photos and realized I am an idiot and
    seeing things. Great work!

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