All of the colours of the rainbow

The old guild hallTurquoise starSnowdrop on orange
Red berriesOrangeOrange berries

At the begining of the year I decided to set up a new Flickr account (I'm too cheap to pay for a pro account) along side my other one and take part in Project Rainbow. I read about Project Rainbow in PhotoJojo and thought it was a great idea; for the project you take 140 photos altogether, 20 of each colour in the rainbow and so far it's been a lot of fun.


subliminal: add me as a contact on my new Flickr account


9 thoughts on “All of the colours of the rainbow

  1. I love Flickr…but plain can’t afford to have a pro account…..I wish the free account held more pics than it does.  So, I have Photobucket…but I can’t really do anything with it until I get a better digital camera….. Love your pictures!!

  2. [this is good] I love how your photos include such bold colo(u)rs. The contrast is great, and the colo(u)rs feel right for your blog, if that doesn’t sound too lame.

  3. That’s great, I really loved the idea too when I read about it in PhotoJoJo end of last year. Thanks for adding me on flickr as well btw. I’ll be following how you get on with the project. 🙂

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