Another self portrait Thursday

Taken on a Thursday some time last month during my photography class. I think the idea for the shot was mine, and obviously I'm in it, but my friend and I composed the shot together and she took the photo because there wasn't a timer, so it's not quite 100% mine. I developed the print myself and since it was in my sketch book I've only just got it back from the tutor.


7 thoughts on “Another self portrait Thursday

  1. [this is good] Very cool. You look a little like a punk Londoner, but the kind you see in magazine shoots.
    If any of that made sense. 🙂

  2. [this is good] I want there to be another you in the chair next to you, like the painting Frida Khalo did “the two frida’s” It looks like you are having a conversation with a ghost, imaginary friend, or just yourself. Very Nice.

  3. Hehe.  I think it looks like you’re waiting in line for some faceless bureaucrat to decide your future…  You know, like whether or not you’ve passed your driving test, or whether or not you’ve qualified for unemployment, or something.  And, of course, it’s preposterously adorable.

  4. I was thinking that it looked like you are waiting for someone you are missing, even though maybe you don’t know that person yet.  It’s a great shot.

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