Story Book Drawings

There are two commission peices that I've just finished. The best part was actually having the excuse to read children's books. Both books are illustrated, so the challenge was not being too influeneced by them and putting my own twist on it.


9 thoughts on “Story Book Drawings

  1. [this is good] These are awesome!!! I especially love the Charlotte’s web one!!Do you draw them or are they paper pieces? I am very interested in learning how to make art pieces like these! I love them. They make me happy. 🙂

  2. Thank you!


    It’s a mixture of both, but it starts with drawing. I sketch out the picture small first, then at the size I wish to work. I decide which bits I’m painting and which I’m papering, and which papers I’m going to use (I have a huge folder full of patterned craft paper, plus a box of old envelopes, bits of coloured paper and odd things like paper bags, pretty packaging and interesting leaflets, and an old fairy tale book I use for collages). I trace a bit of the picture, like Wilbur the pig, on to the paper, floral craft paper in this case, and carefully cut it out. Sometimes I build up thin layers of acrylic paint so the pattern is just ghosted, and other times I just leave it. I used the edge of a soft brown pencil to
    out line the cut paper and draw in the detail with pencil or brown acrylic paint. All the little cut out paper people, pigs, flowers, birds, planets, whatevers are then arranged and stuck down, possibly with some painting in the background. Oh, and I generally paint faces with watercolours. I hope that helps. 🙂

  3. [this is good] Wow, both designs capture the spirits of the stories beautifully. You have such amazing talent, and I always enjoy checking out your Vox.

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