Deck the halls

The really pretty Christmas ornaments are so expensieve so I decided to make some myself. These are ridiculously easy to make providing you can cut felt and sew a few buttons. These reindeers came on top of some posh Christmas crackers last year and I’ve just stuck fushia felt shapes on them.

Three reindeer

I made these ones with ribbon, buttons and metal brads.

Three trees

For this one I cut fushia felt into a asterix shape then sew on six little buttons, six medium ones and one big one.

Button snow flake

Also also made this little broach/pin with some fushia felt and one of the buttons from Liberty.

Pink flower

7 thoughts on “Deck the halls

  1. [this is good] This is great inspiration, because I thought I’d go the the craft store today to see if there are plain stockings for the kids to decorate, and I wanted a theme. I made them for them three times and some are always misplaced the next year, and so I just don’t feel like sewing a whole new batch, well, one year I just cut green felt and did big red yarn lacings, then painted on the names, but the point is, then the next year, one or two are always gone, so I thought if they invested some personal sweat equity maybe that wouldn’t happen anymore.So yay, thank you, I’m going to go buy some buttons and ribbon!

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