Self Portrait Thursday

I'm not much in the habit of taking self portraits, but my post-blow-dried-upside-down-bristle-brush hair is too cool to not photo (the bristle brush makes it amazingly soft and the upside down blow drying gives it bounce). Anyway I really liked how this picture came out so I though I'd post it (needless to say it's main endearing quality is way my face is covered up by my hair).


12 thoughts on “Self Portrait Thursday

  1. [this is good] So Fun! You cannot look at that photo and not smile! I agree with all above too, your hair is SO pretty!

  2. [this is good] I love your hair and the compostion of this photo, along with the light turquoise background…and I agree with Yogi – you have a dynamite smile!

  3. Thank you! It was a very fun photo to take and slightly ridiculous too, which I think is why I’m smiling/laughing so genuinely

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