An Announcement

The lovely people are Moo are having Super-Duper Holiday Card competition and the three Christmas card designs I post a week ago are part of it. The Christmas card shop (AKA the People-Powered Holiday Card Store) is here. Three reasons why you should check it out:


  1. $1 from every card sold goes to  Médecins Sans Frontières.
  2. Moo make lovely quality things and I'm sure their greetings cards are no different. Plus if you buy some today you get £3 off.
  3. There are 4 prizes of $2000 to be won, including one for the best selling card and one for the best non-photographic card, and really, don't you just want to see me win one?


A word of warning, at the shop you'll have to click the arrow to scroll through lots of pictures because there isn't a search system at the moment.


The snow manLets go tobogganing


ETA: My cards are very hard to find so here are some pictures.

Card on MooCards on Moo

8 thoughts on “An Announcement

  1. [this is good] I hope you win! One of these days, I’ll be capable of online purchasing, and then I’ll buy your work 🙂

  2. Gee whiz. I scrolled through the entire thing and only found the two ones with the trees, but not the snowman one. Somehow I must have missed it, but now my hand is tired! I guess I’ll look again in a little while. 

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