Bits and pieces

Nice stuff that's not entirely worthy of it's own whole post:

I've finally gotten around to painting something new for my Etsy and I've used up the last of my stripey brown envelopes.

I love how wonderfully crispy autumn afternoons seem to be.


And finally, Sarah Yates is amazing photographer. I particularly love her portraits of dogs and children. And you may recognise her logo.


3 thoughts on “Bits and pieces

  1. [this is good] Have you ever  considered selling prints of your originals? A few of my friends mentioned that they like some of your previously sold stuff.

  2. I am getting some prints done, but I probably won’t get prints of sold pieces. I no longer have the originals to scan (obviously) and I don’t think the scans I do have are high enough resolution. Which pieces did they like?

  3. Almost everything! My best friend flipped over my special print for my husband. And also others mentioned, some of the older things like “Thank You”, “Scribbler 1”, and some of the illustrations from the cards I made for you.

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