the brilliance of beach huts

You do have beach huts in America? If not, they are very expensive, painted, wooden sheds along the coast, that are a great place to get changed into your swimming coustume, keep your lilos and towels and have cup of tea or hot chocolate. They are brilliant, and very pretty. I took these with my Polaroid at Felixstowe.


7 thoughts on “the brilliance of beach huts

  1. [this is good] Hmmm….well to be honest I haven’t seen anything just like this on the US West Coast. Even at shi-shi So. California resorts they wouldn’t have anything “rustic” like this. But I think they’re charming! I’ll bet they have these on our East Coast though…..maybe in “The Hamptons” in New York.

  2. um, for whatever reason (maybe i’m blind), i thought your post title was ‘the brilliance of beach nuts’. rofl.
    okay, now i’ll go back and read your post 🙂

  3. I love beach huts.  Loads here in Southsea.  In a way, they’re a bit like allotments – very British things that used to be very basic and cheap and a bit naff, but are now unbelievably desirable.
    Some friends of ours had a beach hut.  We would be struggling to get changed under one of those elasticated towel things that you put over your head, and they’d be all smug with their kettle on.


    Man, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who read this as beach NUTS. We have something like these in Eastern Canada, but usually they’re not so pretty. Scratchy, salt-worn paint, mostly.

  5. [this is good] We have beach huts on the Jersey Shore, at least in the part I think of as “my area,” only I think they’re called cabanas, or something like that, and you see them lined up at the private beach clubs. They are not this pretty or cool, though. They are all exactly the same for each club. Some are attractive, but always all exactly alike, in a row. 

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