Leaf Peeping

Apparently that's the term. I took the first two photos last week and all those leaves are gone now. The last two I took today; entirely different light you'll notice.


9 thoughts on “Leaf Peeping

  1. I miss autumn! No autumn at all down here in the sub-tropics. But I remember: the Appalachians, New Mexico, Colorado… Yes, Leaf peeping – never knew the term but love the sound of it. Sort of like the sound and scent of crunching fallen leaves under one’s clogs… Nice photos!

  2. The leaves are just beginning to turn here; I’m wondering if we’re going to be blasted with autumn instead of melting into it this year. But you inspire me. I was noticing the quality of light today, so I think I’ll go take some photos and note the time, then follow up in a few days. 

  3. These are lovely.We don’t really have autumn in Berkeley.There are some trees that think this is the thing to do.I have a Japanese maple out front that does a lovely fall show.But all the other trees are just embarrassed about it.The coast oak ignores seasons entirely.So you can go and find a block that has trees that change, but it isn’t real.

  4. [this is good] Yay, autumn leaves! Like emily, the trees are just starting to turn colors here. It’s fun to see the gradual change in trees day by day as I walk to class. It does make me a bit sad to think of how naked the trees will be soon. 😦

  5. Heya Emmarama, it’s amazing how you can even make dead things (dried up wrinkly leaves) look beautiful and appealing, like the Cleopatra of the natural world! x

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