Purple Roses

Purple roses

Last week I saw the most amazingly beautiful pale purple roses in the florist, but when I went back to buy some they'd sold out. Yesterday Mum bought me some. Only two though, because it seems I have very expensive taste in flowers.

Aren't they gorgeous? The two of them didn't look right in a vase so put them in another glass bottle. Regarding the last photo, Sammy likes to have his picture taken but gets a little too close to camera sometimes.


9 thoughts on “Purple Roses

  1. [this is good] What beautiful roses! I didn’t even know they came in pale purple. What a nice mom you have. 🙂
    Aww, Sammy! He’s got the cutest little face

  2. One of the homes in my neighborhood has a lavender rose bush… they are lovely.  I tried to capture a bloom once but you did a much better job.  Sammy does have cute puppy face.  🙂

  3. Oh they are pretty roses but, your mom got so jipped.  Coloured roses actually cost the florist less than the red ones, at least here in the U.S. and I wouldn’t think it any different in the U.K.  I only know this because I am a floral designer.  But hey, they smell great and they are beautiful.

  4. [this is good] They look very similar to the Blue Moon variety of hybrid-tea rose which is an absolute bugger to grow. - That might explain the expense if they’ve developed a long stemmed variety for florists from that strain.  Blue Moon didn’t have much scent either.  (Sorry I am an anorak when it comes to flowers!) 
    Love the art here and Sammy could be in a cartoon he’s SOOOOOO sweet. 

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