Shop Update




I hate seeing my little etsy shop empty so I've listed two new paintings. (Both now sold)

Editted to add: Ha! Tree House was on the front page of Etsy, but by the time decided to link it to here so you could all see it the website update and it was gone. You'll just have to take my word for it.

I also thought I'd have a go at selling print of my photos so I've listed two see how they

Honesty and lemonadeBotanical

And here are the cards that my colaboration with Form&FunctionDesign produced.

Mice cardPolar CardPregnancy CardGood Vibrations Card

3 thoughts on “Shop Update

  1. That question completely threw me at first; it’s getting late (err.. 8:00 PM) and I’m exhausted. Do you mean, do I have another similar photo? Yes I do. I have two others.

  2. Neat. Sorry, I probably could have made the question clearer. Typically photos sell really well in sets of 3 or 4. If you have a photo that fits in that suite of photos, then it would be lovely to see it/them!

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