Authors, illustrators and pencils

I've been reading Murder Ballad by the exceptional Jane Hill, and all the beautiful descriptions of the Appalachians made me want to draw little wooden houses surrounded by mountains. Also, yesterday I was killing time in Waterstones (my absolute favourite place to kill time), flicking though the huge A Series of Unfortunate Events display and reminded myself how much I love Brett Helquist's illustrations. Since then I've have passion for cross hatching and other forms of mark making, which is really rather well timed because my printmaking class starts next week. I draw this all in HB pencil and darkened up the lines in photoshop.


8 thoughts on “Authors, illustrators and pencils

  1. [this is good] Cool! I love it.
    The Appalachians are gorgeous. I go camping every year in the Allegheny mts., which are kind of an offshoot of the Appalachians. Very pretty, but isolated. It reminds me a little bit of Wales, actually.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog – (you could get lost in here for days clicking from one blog to the next!). Love your drawings especially the balloon man – that is fantastic. So envy you people who can wield a pencil or paintbrush with great results.

  3. Thanks! Considering you’ve been to the Appalachians it’s great compliment that you like it. I was worried I’d done them a horrible injustice.

  4. I lived in rural East Tennessee many years ago, and worked with an arts & crafts cooperative in the mountains. Love your drawing! I have been doing some blogs on art, beauty, etc. Mainly a poet, photographer and spinner & weaver, I do appreciate your art very much!

  5. [this is good] Snugs, I’ve only just seen this!  How delightful to know I inspired such a beautiful drawing.  Thank you.  x

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