Illustration Friday: alphabet

This was inspired by the skipping games we used to play in the playgroud that involved chanting the alphabet. To find out the first letter of your future husband's name, as I recall. 

Painted with coloured ink and acrylic paint.


8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: alphabet

  1. [this is good] It’s such a great painting.
    Strange how so many games we played as little girls were to find out the name of our husband.

  2. [this is good] That’s adorable!  I could see something like that hanging in a kids room.  I remember that game, too, and I usually got “F” which is the first letter of my fiance’s last name.  Funny!

  3. Thank you!
    It is indeed. I also remember trying to peel an apple all in one long strip, and then throwing it over my shoulder to see if it made the shape of a letter made on the floor.

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