Holiday Pictures

I've just got back from my holiday in Ireland and these are my  favourite photos (of the 86 I took). I don't want to you all getting any silly romantic ideas about Ireland though. Yes, it looks lovely when the sun is shining but that only happens once a month and it's all so green because it pretty much never stops raining. Also a salad in Ireland contains large amounts of both grapes and mayonnaise is thusly gross. I just thought you should know that.*


This was my brother's first time going to the Giant's Causeway and it just blew him away.



This was tken at my uncles' dairy farm. They had a shed full of calves with kittens living the hay, two indoor dogs and two out door ones, a rabbit (now deceased) and two sheep that magnage to get into house and then hilariously defouled the porch.

I love how giant they both look.


Count Antrim (northen Northen Ireland) is stunning.


The beautiful beach at Ballycastle.


In the right the light the sea actually looked purple! It was amazing.


 This picture is so 'us', beacuse we all switched places at the last second.

*(I'm half Irish so I can diss the salads)


5 thoughts on “Holiday Pictures

  1. [this is good] Great pictures! Ireland is great. Although, yes, rainy.
    And I must tell you…I love your green coat in the last picture! Too cute!

  2. I don’t understand the mayo either, but then I like my salad’s without dressing. But grapes and mayo, it’s just a really weird combination.

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