Portobello Road

Yesterday I went to Portobello Road market for the first time. I went with my dad and grandfather, who are wonderful guides because after years in the silver and antiques business they know everyone else in the business.

It was a stunning cloudless day; until today the best day of year to my memory. The sky was so blue it made all the buildings in the street look freshly painted and my grandfather said it was the busiest he has ever seen it.


My first purchase was this beautiful turquoise broach, and I am very pleased with it for I have been told I have very little taste when it comes to jewelry. Right now I’m wearing it on the front of my white sundress but it also looks very fetching on my turquoise jacket. The woman I bought it from was magnificent and formidable in that very British sort of way. I wondered if the broach would be too heavy to wear on most things and she said it would be fine if I “put enough fabric in the pin, people never put enough fabric in the pin”. “You’re right you now”, said one tourist. “Of course I am,” she answers brusquely.


I browsed shops ands stalls of, as my father would say, ‘oldy worldy things’ as well as a lot of newer stuff and bought some amazing brass stamps and these fantastic shoes that are actually very comfortable. I also bought a crepe with lemon and sugar which was sold to me by a genuine (and very lovely) French girl. Actually, one thing that really stood out was what characters every one with shop and stalls were, which just made for an amazing atmosphere.



3 thoughts on “Portobello Road

  1. Ooh that brooch is stunning! 🙂
    I have to wonder if you family know the people/person I -used- to work for. (My boyfriend still works with him).
    He had premises in Portobello road once upon a time, and now is in antiques up in the midlands… he tells us he is well known in the trade 😉

  2. [this is good] It looks like you’ve got a ton of nice things! Sounds like a great experience. Glad you had fun!

  3. [this is good] EFF I love all these pictures! The one of the brightly coloured houses is especially stunning. You’re so talented!        

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