I love the idea of masquerade balls, which isn't surprising since I love dancing, dressing up and elegance.

The colours on this were so hard to get right because I had this really specific idea of what it should look like and what feel it should give out. I wanted it to be not too dark but not too fluffy; elegant, mysterious and whimsical is what I was going for.


6 thoughts on “Masquerade

  1. [this is good] I wish I could go to a real masquerade ball. Last year I went to this “ball” in LA that is held every year in celebration of Labyrinth. I was so excited but when I got there it was mainly women trying to wear as little as possible and call it a costume and bad 80’s music. I felt like I was at a high school dance.Love the card 🙂 You are going to sell them right?!

  2. Urgh, how disappointing! I’ve never been to a prom so all my romantic ideas about them remain completely untainted (and completely unrealised). 🙂
    Not just yet; I really want to have them all painted up so I can just flick through them for fun, picking them out at random. I would paint them on commission though (I’d have an extra set of cards for this) and maybe sell them as prints (although I don’t know how the shape would work).

  3. She is wonderful… standing there in her little curly toed slippers she looks a little apprehensive… like she’s wondering who else showed up for the ball.  🙂

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