Got Moo?


I got my free Moo mini cards today and I love them! Thanks, Moo!


11 thoughts on “Got Moo?

  1. That’s a good use for them; they’ve got my contact details on the back so they’re actually little business cards. And yep, they were completely free.

  2. I’d love to trade. I have 100 I ordered from my Flickr set and I ordered my 10 free Voxcards. I use them as business cards too. Love them!

  3. [this is good] oooh, i love your art!  i’m so excited to get my moo cards in the mail, and i’m about to place another order.  are you open to swapping?  i plan on using my for business cards, eventually.  :~)

  4. Thank you! I am indeed; I will be trading some of my hundred pack when the arrive (in about a week’s time), so when that happens we can arrange a swap.:)

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