One scoop or two?

I wanted to make something cool to wear to the gig tonight, so I appliquéd an old The Who t-shirt (kindly donated by my brother) and some scraps of pretty fabric on to a plain grey H&M t-shirt. I made a knickerbocker glory, which, to those not in the know, is a very tall ice cream sundae. This was my first time appliquéing something with a sewing machine.

This is rubbish photo beacsue it's so overcast today, it looks better in real life. The sketch will give you a better idea of the fabrics used.


11 thoughts on “One scoop or two?

  1. [this is good] So cute!
    You know, I always thought a knickerbocker glory was bigger instead of taller. Sort of like a giant ice cream sundae.

  2. [this is good] That is so cute!  I’m still so amazed (and envious) by your creativity!  And it makes me want ice cream too.

  3. [this is good] You should make more of them and start selling them somewhere…  I recently bought a silkscreened t’shirt from a young guy in Soho, New York for about $20 that I love and he made it himself from t’shirts he bought from American Apparel.

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