See you at the gig…

My friend Beka's band (The Soliloquy) are playing at this gig and she asked me to make the poster. The background image is based on a photo but drawn in photoshop and I used fonts that matched the band's existing logos. I'm posting it to a) advertise the gig and b) show you the poster design. She and the other band members loved it and my payment is free entry. 🙂


5 thoughts on “See you at the gig…

  1. very nifty!  i sooooooo wish i was not stranded on the wrong
    continent to be able to go to this.  it sounds awesome!  do
    they have a website?

  2. Thanks! Not yet, they’ve been meaning to set up a website but this is only their first gig (it pretty exciting actually).

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