Birthday Wishes

I thought I'd share this brithday card I painted for my mum.

Also when I was making these paper flowers to decorate the pressents with I though 'Hey, I could sell these on Etsy'. So what I'm wondering is: Would you buy something like this (to decorate gifts with or use in another craft project)? And what would you you pay for one? I make them out of craft paper, old sheet music and text and illustrations from old children's books, chalk and brads, and they're just smaller than the palm of my hand.


5 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. [this is good] Oh, that card is fabulous!! She must have adored it!!!
    The flowers are so great - esp since they’re made from other things – I generally make my own decoration things, so I appreciate what goes into these – I think if there were a couple or several, then up to $10 – They’re so cute and special I can’t imaginebuying just  one!!  

  2. If I had money, I probably would. But instead of paper, if you could use cloth or ribbon or something, they would be better. Paper seems a bit too fragile for shipping etc.

  3. [this is good] Sweet! I think something like three or four for 10 dollars or whatever that passes for in Brit terms sounds good. (I don’t mean exchange rate, I mean, like, the price of a sandwich, nice drink, and a chocolate bar.) I also think if you made more than one size, you could sell a little variety pack for that price or a little more. 

  4. That’s a good idea about different sizes. I might have a go making some and I’ll see how they turn out.

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