Just a little something

This is something I made for Katie for her birthday. To be honest I've wanted to post this for a while but I wanted Katie to see it first. I made the book from thick, stiff cardboard, brown paper, craft paper, sketch book paper and ribbon. And lots of PVA. I found quotes in books and on the internet that meant something to me, and I wrote them on the pages with pictures to match. If you click on each individual picture you can read the quotes. By the way, I'm not a total cheapskate; I bought her stuff too. πŸ™‚

Book 6Book 4Book 3Book 2Book 1

Also I thought I just say this book used up the last bit of brown paper I had. This is significant because the brown paper made the envelope that Jane sent to me. It was such gorgeous paper that I couldn't throw it away and used it lots of my drawings ('Gravity's on the Increase', the picture for my grandparents, etc.) I just though you might like to know that it went to lots of good use.


9 thoughts on “Just a little something

  1. [this is good] [this is AMAZING] OMG i loved itthis what i call art! really amazing  gift! so creative! ^_^

  2. [this is good] Oh!  I’m so glad you used the envelope!  I’m glad to know it was put to good use.  This is lovely, by the way – you’re so talented and thoughtful.

  3. [this is good] how wonderful!  i’ll bet katie liked her little book more than anything you got in a store.

  4. [c’est top] Quoting Roemer here: “Your friends must love you to pieces.”

    We do, we do, we do!!! I love my book so much.

  5. [this is good] That’s got to be the perfect gift – designed esp for the person, made with affection and creativity and skill, and crafted of valued things.
     I’m in total agreement with Miss Scotch (above) – I’d absolutely cry if someone did that for me. 

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