It’s the Ugly Betty look

While I did love my old glasses, I had had them for 3 years and they'd gotten a bit chipped. I felt it was time for something new. These glasses actually match my hair.



15 thoughts on “It’s the Ugly Betty look

  1. [those are good] I love them! They look kinda like mine, but oval instead almost-rectangular. Very chic. 

  2. Thanks! I tried on a load of rectangular ones but they all looked awful on me; I don’t think I have the right face shape for them. They look great on you though.

  3. [c’est top] Lovely.  That reminds me – I need new frames.  Thoughts, anyone?  I’m thinking something like Alex has.

  4. I suggest you go the same way Snuggle did, with the oval-er frames. I think it would suit your face better. But whatever you decide, make sure you try on a whole load of glasses and go to a glasses shop that knows what they’re doing. A lot of times, the ones they suggest, even if your first instinct is, “Oh, HELL no”, the frames are probably the best shape for your face.

  5. And then I rambled before I said, “CUTE glasses!” So… cute glasses! I love the colour of them. I think it suits your skin.

  6. [this is good] So cute!  I love them.  I have the hardest time shopping for new frames, which is exactly why I still have my old ones that are falling apart.  Maybe you have motivated me, though.

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