Kissing mice and gossiping flowers

Long story short, I couldn't get the bus today because I couldn't walk to the bus stop becuase I could hardly walk at all. I went iceskating yesterday with a big group of friends and had a fantastic time, but of course I got blisters on my heels, ankles and toes, strained muscles I didn't even know I had and covered myself with bruises by falling over three times. Totally worth it though.

So anyway, today I had to wait for Mum to pick me up, and while I did that I bought some yellow paper and a brown pencil from the student union shop and I did some doodling. I added a bit of pink pencil to it too when I got home. Some of the drawings have worked and some clearly haven't. The gossiping flowers and the kissing mice are my favourites. 




7 thoughts on “Kissing mice and gossiping flowers

  1. [this is good] Nice! I really like the sketches of the people too.
    Hmmm, my doodles typically end up being spirals. Probably explains why I’m not the artist.

  2. [this is good] Love it! I hope you’re up and walking soon. Ice skating sounds like it was a good time! There was a indoor ice rink where I used to live, and it was so fun to have birthday parties there. Since my b-day is in August, it was a nice change from “pool party”!

  3. Thanks! At the moment I staggering around like Lurch; my parents actually made me say ‘You rang?’.
    Ice skating was great fun. At one point we had a train of 12 of us going around with random* people adding themsleves to the end, before we got told to stop.
    * They were complete strangers so I think I can call them random. 😉

  4. [this is good] i absolutely love these doodles!!! the mice and so cute! especially the one going into the bottle of lemonade.

  5. [this is good] Snuggle, these are beautiful!  I especially like the one where the flowers appear to by gossiping about the girl.
    I’m glad you had fun ice skating!

  6. [this is good] No more adjectives, I’m fresh out. You are ————— good -there -think of a super-duper good one, and fill it in. Seriously, your sketches are better than much of the art that’s out there. And you were waiting for a ride and you were injured!! Man, you: talent.
    Sorry about the blisters, etc. OWWWWWWWWWW. Get better fast, OK?

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