Hardly a Faberge

It's a just couple of days untill Easter so once again I'm painting eggs. This is my Northhanger Abbey inspired egg. This link will tell you a bit more about the recent (very good, in my oppinion) TV adapation of it. Really it's woth clicking on the link just for the gogeous music on the website.

I took three photo of the same egg because I find their expressions tend to change depending on the angle.


14 thoughts on “Hardly a Faberge

  1. Oh great, way to set the bar for Easter egg painting! Now my “tie-dye” eggs (read: eggs I tried to dye half green and half red but couldn’t quite master the whole separation of colors thing) won’t be nearly as impressive! šŸ˜‰
    Gorgeous eggs.

  2. ecxellent rendition of Northanger characters…thoughI have an uneasy feeling about smacking Isabella’s side with a hammer. XDDVERRRRY beautiful.

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