Locks of Love

Yesterday I did it. I cut of 12 inches of my hair to donate to Locks of Love. (I also dyed it again afterwards, it is now very berry red)

Here's a before.


And here's an after.


This (awful webcam) picture demonstrates the cut a little better, but not colour.




15 thoughts on “Locks of Love

  1. I agree.  You looked adorable before, but now you look sophisticated and sassy!  That’s what people told me too when I went from blonde to red.  And good for you for donating to locks of love.  That’s SO great! *hug*

  2. It’s very good. It suits you very well. And I’m glad they are now able to use our western hair for wigs; they used to not be able to manage it as well because we keep it so squeaky-clean and put products in it. 

  3. Locks of Love is a charity that uses donated hair to makes wigs for financially disadvantaged children under suffering from long-term medical hair loss (Human hair wigs cost around 800 pounds, so are too expensive for some families to afford). To donate you need to cut at least 10 inches of hair off, then put it in a ponytail or plait and post it to them.

  4. Human hair ones do because they are made individually for a person and it  takes two months to do that. Synthetic ones are a lot cheaper but don't look or feel as real.

  5. Looks really good, specially the colour.I wish I knew someone with long hair so I could nag them about Locks for Love.  Mine’s half an inch long, so even if I started growing it now, it would be three or more years before it got long enough.

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