These shoes were made for eating

Well not really, but they look good enough to eat. Sort of. These shoes are not available in the shops. Because I painted them myself! Yeah, I am ridiculous excited about them.


Painting them was a surprisingly labour intensive process, you have to water the acrylics right down and slowly build up layers of it. It took me nearly 2 hours a shoe. I've also varnished the cakes so hopefully they won't crack.


If you are interested in painting your own shoes let me know and I’ll post a tutorial, and if you’re interested in me painting them for you then send me a message, I do take commissions.


8 thoughts on “These shoes were made for eating

  1. Love, love love the shoes. I’ve done some art on canvas shoes before, but only on white ones. These are fantastic!

  2. these are really quite delightful, to me they scream “birthday party!” on account of the ice cream colored shoes with the cupcakes…

  3. Oh yes please.  I recently bought a pair of apple-green All-Stars (the low top ones, like yours) and would love some kind of grassy, flowery, meadowy frieze around them.  Please email me cost details etc…

  4. Oh my gosh. So cute! The little cupcakes are fantastic, and putting them on shoes was inspired! They’re very original and quirky.

  5. Thanks! The sad thing is that I can’t eat cakes for another month so I’m painting on my shoes; it’s really quite deranged.

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