The V&A

I was in London yesterday and decided to spend the morning in my favourite haunt, the fashion room in the Victoria and Albert. I've always loved this wedding dress; there is an air of fairies and fantasy about it. I've always been a little scared of sketching this particular dress because with all those petals it is quite an undertaking, but yesterday I did and then went over it with ink later. When going over it with ink I couldn't see the actual dress to I had to trust my pencil sketch entirely.


And I almost never paint self portraits, but here is one I did yesterday that celebrates my new DIY fringe.


3 thoughts on “The V&A

  1. [this is good] These are both very good. Accomplished work with a nice, fluid line and an expert way of handling details.

  2. [this is good] Good work, I like how your style is simplified, I’d like to see you draw things outside of your comfort zone though, like hands and feet and full body poses with movement. Keep practicing! 😀

  3. Ah, London. *pouts and dreams*Beautiful btw 🙂 I’ll be making a mental list of going there once I visit London once more (which I will…)

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