Bottle Cap Duck

Today I painted a duck on some bottle caps. They've gotten kind of chipped, but I quite like that.


8 thoughts on “Bottle Cap Duck

  1. [this is good] this is clever, I wish there was a “this is good” but “this is clever” instead.  I like the chipping.  Are you going to do anything to keep it from chipping more?

  2. Thanks. You know, I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t really want them to get any more chipped though, so I might varnish them. They’re for a college exhibition on making art out of rubbish and found things.

  3. I’m doing some more bottle caps paintings but they aren’t finished yet. I’m focusing mainly on miniature paintings, so I’m looking for some more small ordinary objects to paint on, but my friends are painting on old bits of wood and old maps and magazines too.


    I love your bottle cap table. That’s very cool.

  4. Nope, the bottle caps are all loose so you have to assemble the duck like a puzzle. I might get a frame made for her though so the bottle caps are fixed.

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