Illustration Friday: Clear

It that time of the wek again! This week's subject was clear, which was a good one because has been interpreted in so many different ways. Here's mine.

That day the sea was so clear that they could count the starfish on the rocks.

Drawing people is my weakness, usually I just hide them behind big books, so I hope this is okay. 

Anyone else thing ‘starfish on the rocks’ sounds like an odd kind of drink?


3 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Clear

  1. I think this is charming!  Cute way to illustrate clear. I have not participated in Illustration Friday in a long time. I think it is a wonderful thing that Penelope has taken on.

  2. I love the idea of Illustration Friday!! And I would totally try a “Starfish on the Rocks” – as soon as I can figure out a non-fish/clamjuice base for it! I’m thinking something blue for water and maybe some starfruit garnishes…. but what else? It should be a caribbean drink so that adds Malibu rum. Hmmm… Maybe I should try “invent a drink” Fridays – that’s more of my expertise.
    Love the painting (watercolor?).

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