Illustration Friday – Smoke

Trying something different again. I sketched this with pencil onto blue paper (goodness knows why I chose blue), then outlined with my fountain pen and used a wet brush to shade. Red highlights in the flames are water soluble pencil. I then put in on a white background in photoshop. A lot of experimentation in this piece. It's also a little darker than my usual stuff; I've been feeling very inspired by Edward Gorey and Brett Helquist.

It wasn't until he saw the smoke in front of the page that he noticed.


5 thoughts on “Illustration Friday – Smoke

  1. Thank you! And yay, I am no longer the only Illustration Friday Voxxer! (if you search for posts tagged ‘Illustration Friday’ they all belong to us)

  2. [this is good] I like this very much. I did an Illustration Friday for ‘Smoke’ as well – my first one for IF. But I forgot to tag it -woops

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