Wash Day Blues

This idea came to me as we were driving home from Norwich. I noticed how the sheep in the fields looked like that had roll neck jumpers on, then the image of a sheep hanging his wooly jumpers out to dry just popped into my head.


14 thoughts on “Wash Day Blues

  1. [this is good] I liked this so much I sent the link to my husband again. This was his reply: Yes, talent. Insightful. Humor. A sweetness that is smart. And I agree.

  2. Thank you. I’m glad you (and your husband) like my work. 🙂
    And thanks for the [this is good]. It would be very cool to see my little sheep on the front page of vox.

  3. [this is good] I love this! whimsical and totally un-tacky (as some whimsical things can turn out tacky – but not this picture!). and very cute! bravo!

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